Using Your Account

You will receive a healthcare payment card to access your HRA. You can also pay for eligible expenses with any other form of payment and request reimbursement from your account.

You have access to the account when your plan becomes effective. However, you will only be reimbursed for the balance available at the time of your request. Any unpaid amount, up to the annual contribution amount will be paid as additional contributions are credited to the account. Services must be rendered before they are reimbursed.

Account Balance and Claims Status information is available by:

  • Logging on to your online account at any time for balance information. Your online account is secure and updated in real time.
  • Calling the BenefitWallet IVR at any time for automated account balance information.
  • Contacting the BenefitWallet Service Center.

Manual reimbursement requests that exceed your account balance will be reimbursed up to the amount available in the account. You will continue to be reimbursed as additional contributions are made according to the reimbursement schedule set up by your employer.

No. The HRA is an employer provided plan. However, there are valid changes in status associated with your underlying health plan coverage that may affect your HRA participation.

An employer may allow an employee to continue to incur expenses and spend down their account after they leave the company or retire. COBRA coverage must be offered if the employer does not provide this option. At termination of employment, your healthcare payment card will be deactivated. You may still access funds for services incurred before you leave the company and while you were covered under the plan, but your reimbursement request must be made manually. You are not eligible to use the funds for services incurred after your HRA terminates. Some HRAs may be set up to be portable which means you retain ownership of the funds after you leave the company. Please see your company's plan documents for more information.