HSA investments

BenefitWallet has an integrated investment platform, which provides HSA members with a seamless and affordable way to invest and grow their HSA dollars. With a broad selection of mutual funds from multiple fund families, the investment platform provides an easy-to-use online environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Features of the BenefitWallet investment platform:

  • Broad portfolio of highly-rated investment options from multiple fund families
  • The initial investment minimum is as little as $1
  • Investing can begin after the HSA Checking Account balance reaches $1,000
  • HSA dollars can be automatically transferred into, out of, or within a selection of mutual funds with the schedule set by the member
  • Additional investment funds can be added online, at any time
  • The HSA Investment Account is accessible through the member website
  • A comprehensive suite of tools is available online to help the member select investments and expand their investment knowledge

Why take advantage of an HSA Investment Account?

    The HSA begins with an FDIC insured, interest-bearing checking account where all HSA deposits are first credited. No minimum balance is required to open and maintain the HSA Checking Account. Once an HSA checking account balance reaches $1,000, a member can set up an HSA Investment Account and begin to diversify accumulated HSA savings into a wide selection of mutual funds. HSA members are able to transfer funds back and forth between their Checking Account and their Investment Account online and at any time.

    Members can invest HSA dollars in the investment options offered by BenefitWallet and pay no federal taxes on any interest and/or investment earnings, as long as this money remains in their HSAs and is used to pay for qualified medical expenses.

For a full list of our standard investment options with descriptions, read more.

If you have additional questions, view our
HSA investment FAQs.