Using Your Account

You can pay for eligible expenses with any form of payment and request reimbursement from your account.

Account Balance and Claims Status information is available by:

  • Logging on to your online account at any time for balance information. Your online account is secure and updated in real time.
  • Calling the BenefitWallet IVR at any time for automated account balance information.
  • Contacting the BenefitWallet Service Center.

Once an election for the FSA(s) has been made, you cannot change the amount unless you terminate employment with your company or there is an appropriate change in status. Valid changes in status for both Healthcare include:

  • Legal marital status change - marriage, divorce, death of spouse, legal separation or annulment
  • Change in number of dependents - birth, adoption, death of a dependent
  • Employment - change in employment status of employee, spouse or dependent to include termination, switching from part-time to full time or vice versa, return from an unpaid leave of absence
  • Dependent eligibility - situations where a dependent satisfies or ceases to satisfy the rules for eligible dependents due to the attainment of age or similar circumstances as provided in the plan
  • Annual election changes for changes in cost of coverage

Your employer is not required to include all of these status changes in your plan. You should check with your Human Resources office for the specifics of your Healthcare FSA plan.

Deductions for your Healthcare FSA will also end when your employment ends unless your employer is obligated to offer you COBRA continuation and you elect this option. If your employer is not obligated to offer you COBRA and/or you choose not to elect COBRA, you are eligible to be reimbursed for qualified expenses incurred while you were employed and the account was active. Requests for reimbursements should be submitted prior to the end of your employer's run-out period or period of time for which a claim for an expense can be submitted for a plan year that has ended or after an employee has terminated.